Organic Eggs From Grass-Fed Chickens

 Hi! My name is Christian and with the help of my siblings I raise organic pastured laying hens for my FFA Project under the "Alexandre Kids" Label. We, the Alexandre kids, raise baby chicks for five months until they become laying hens. We have several breeds: New Hampshire Reds, Rhode Island Reds, and Black Australorps. Roosters are kept with the laying hens to ensure desirable fertilized eggs. The chickens enjoy a natural farm life setting where they can produce the most nutritious eggs. You will see the deep, rich orange color in the yolk and the firmness in the whites. Each brown egg, which is nest-laid and hand gathered, is a nutrient dense, whole food package of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins.

The chickens that are raised on the Alexandre Family's organic dairy pastures are free-range. The "eggmobile" which provides a portable home with nesting boxes is moved every few days at dusk when the chickens move into the "eggmobile" to roost for the night.

Our chickens eat a wide variety of plants and insects from the dairy's organic pastures. Their diet is supplemented with a mixture of organic grains and minerals. We never add any chemicals, hormones or antibiotics.


So while our chickens may have it good, you'll have it even better when you use our delicious, nutritious, farm-fresh organic eggs.

Where To Find Our Pasture Raised Organic Eggs

San Francisco Bay Area exclusively offered at the following Whole Foods Stores:
Santa Rosa  - 390 Coddingtown Mall 525 N Lamar
Petaluma -  621 E. Washington St.
Sebastopol - 6910 McKinley St.
Novato -  790 De Long Ave.
Mill Valley - 731 East Blithedale
San Francisco, Potrero Hill - 450 Rhode Island St 
Oakland, Harrison -  230 Bay Place
Cupertino - 20955 Stevens Creek Blvd
As we get more laying hens producing egg,
Whole Foods will carry our eggs in more of their Bay Area stores.
Humboldt County
Arcata – North Coast Coop, 811 I Street
Eureka – North Coast Coop, 250 4th Street
Eureka – Eureka Natural Foods, 1450 Broadway
Fortuna – Humboldt Healthy Foods, 899 Main Street
Fortuna – Ray’s Market, 3460 Broadway Street
McKinleyville – McKinleyville Market, 1977 Central Avenue
Ferndale – Valley Grocery, 339 Main Street
Crescent City in Del Norte County
Harvest Natural Foods, 265 L Street
Rumiano Cheese Store, 511 9th Street
Ray’s Market, 625 M Street

Grants Pass in Southern Oregon
Gooseberries, 1533 NE F Street

In Southern California, we are also apart of an add-on option for a CSA Box:

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