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Environmental Stewardship

We are proud to include ourselves with a growing number of ranchers and private landowners who blend old traditions and new values; that a traditional way of life raising animals can be done in harmony with the land. The goal therefore is to have both sustainable wetlands combined with a sustainable dairy farm. Our concept is that people will come to the area to enjoy the scenery and view private land owners working as wise stewards of the land, ensuring that America’s natural resources will be better than we found them, while maintaining a profitable and sustainable agriculture business.

We have recorded approximately 250 species of birds on the property, a herd of 130 Roosevelt elk, occasional black bears, mountain lions, cougars, endangered Pacific salmon and every type of amphibian you can think of. All these critters love to call this place home.

Photo of Dog, Chickens and Elk Herd in Green Pasture

Habitat Improvement

We believe we are in God’s country, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Redwood National Park, bordering the Smith River in Crescent City, California.

This coastal location allows for year-round grass production because of the average annual rainfall of over 80 inches each year. This brings creatures, critters, and animals of all sizes to our farm to enjoy the lush green pastures. As stewards of the land, we give our best effort to care for wetlands, riparian areas, and surrounding land.

The Aleutian Canada Geese have long been a member of the family of animals found at the Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms. They nest primarily on a few islands in the Aleutian Island chain in Alaska. The geese pass through Crescent City on their way to their wintering grounds in the Modesto area. Crescent City is the critical spring staging area where the geese require large amounts of high quality forage so they can increase body weight and reserves, not only for their long flight back to the Aleutian Islands, but also in preparation for nesting and raising their young. Our animals have to compete with the geese for grass, as 35 geese eat the same amount as 1 cow. Each spring and fall, the cows share their grass with (tens of) thousands of geese. What was nearly an extinct population of fewer than 500 in the 1960’s has now grown to over 180,000. We developed a plan that would provide a place for the geese to feed while keeping them from feeding off the local farmer’s property. The plan was for key landowners to set aside land adjacent to the state park land for the geese to feed on. This plan has ultimately taken the Aleutian Goose off the Federal Endangered Species Act list, thanks to the cooperation of the government and local private landowners. This environmental success story is yet another example of our ability to maintain an environmentally friendly agriculture business.

Photo of Aleutian Canada Geese in Green Pasture

Our love for nature has connected with our love for our country by a family of bald eagles nesting in a field on our property. The spectacular sight has been enjoyed on many dairy tours.

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Photo of Bald Eagle Flying

In 2009 a herd of 52 Roosevelt Elk crossed the Smith River onto our property; they have since doubled in numbers in the past six years while calling our property home. Their consistent occupation is both an inconvenience and a blessing. Their grand appeal provides a nice touch to our relationship with our local environment yet their hunger can decimate our fences and feed grown throughout the year. We have sold a few access passes to hunters to regulate the growing herd with a total of five elk processed in the 2014 season.

Photo of Roosevelt Elk Herd

Since the late 80s, a herd of Watusi cattle, originating from Africa, has called our property home. We love having these novelty animals to add to our herd of exotics. These large, distinctive horns can reach up to 8 feet.

Photo of Watusi Cattle

Land Conservation

We work with the California Fish and Wildlife Service, California State Parks, and the North Coast Regional Land Trust, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). We have property dedicated to different conservation easement programs such as the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP). We do this because we want to protect, restore, and enhance grasslands and wetlands on our property. These long-term conservation and wildlife practices protect and ensure that wildlife can roam on our lands. We are also a part of the Grassland Reserve Program under the NRCS. This allows us to enhance the plant and animal biodiversity, and protect grazing areas.

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