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Our hens enjoy a natural farm life roaming in our organic cow pastures to produce the most nutritious organic eggs; each a nutrient dense, whole food package of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Organic Pastured Eggs

Alexandre Kids Eggs is an offshoot of the Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farm. With help from parents, Joseph (14 at the time) and Christian (13 at the time), supported by the help of their three siblings, Vanessa, Dalton, and Savanna established Alexandre Kids Eggs in 2005. The kids dreamed of a mobile hen house towed around lush green dairy pastures to raise organic hens to produce the best tasting pastured eggs possible. The family visited farms across the country to learn from others. When the kids were introduced to pastured poultry techniques on a Mennonite farm in Pennsylvania, they came home and began their own pastured poultry operation. The entire family now has a passion for producing organic nutrient dense foods as nature intended us all to eat. With hard work and a lot of perseverance, the small egg operation quickly grew from farmers markets to over 150 northern California natural food retail outlets, including Whole Foods and Costco.

Hens are nurtured under ideal conditions in organic pastures where they forage on lush grasses year around. A cool Mediterranean climate combined with nutrient rich soils and grasses creates ideal outdoor living conditions and longevity for Alexandre Kids hens. Two breeds of laying hens are raised; Isa-Red and Red Sex-Links. All of the hens are raised on organic pastures under the watchful eyes of the Alexandre dairy cows and Great Pyrenees guard dogs. The hens graze on green, lush organic grass and have room to roam in the fresh coastal air and sunshine. They intermingle with the dairy cows and enjoy a natural farm life setting where they can produce the most nutritious organic eggs. Hens are housed in mobile “egg-mobiles,” designed and constructed by the Alexandre Family. The “egg-mobiles” are moved to new areas of pasture twice a week so the pasture gets desired fertilizer and to prevent overgrazing. Our chickens eat certified organic feeds; irrigated dairy pastures consisting of 50 to 100 variety of plant species ranging from grasses, forbs, herbs and clovers; oyster shell, with limited daily feeding of mixture of organic grains and minerals. We never add any chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Collected eggs are processed daily at the Alexandre Kids egg ranch.

“We raise the finest, pastured hens that produce the world’s best tasting organic eggs; nutrition you can see and taste.”

– Stephanie Alexandre

Each brown egg, which is nest-laid and hand gathered, is a nutrient dense, whole food package of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. Research at Pennsylvania State University reveals discernible nutritional benefits to the consumer from raising laying hens on pasture. When compared with caged hens fed only a commercial diet, pastured hens produce eggs with twice as much vitamin E and 2.5- fold more healthy omega-3 fatty acids. A similar study conducted by Mother Earth News comparing the nutritional qualities of conventional eggs with those produced by pastured hens found that pasture raised eggs contain one-third less cholesterol, one-quarter less saturated fat, two-thirds more vitamin A, two times more omega-3 fatty acids and three times more vitamin E.

The Cornucopia Institute evaluated 71 producers of organic eggs nationwide based on their ability to provide true outdoor living conditions. With a rank of “5-egg” defined as “Exemplary- beyond organic” to “1Egg” defined as “Ethically deficient – industrial Organics, no meaningful outdoor access”, Alexandre Kids ranked best with a “5-egg” status. This ranking is only bestowed on producers that provide their hens with the finest living conditions. Of the 18 producers that raise organic hens in California, Oregon and Washington, with varying degrees of true outdoor access, Alexandre Kids have little competition in producing a “true organic egg” from pastured poultry.

As fifth generation farmers, we are dedicated to bringing the finest farm fresh eggs to the wholesale market. We work with nature to ensure that the natural behaviors of our hens and the environment they have to freely roam is void of the trappings of a conventional farm. This stress free, healthy environment allows our hens to enjoy the best nature has to offer resulting in longevity, healthy production and a stress free living. When you buy Alexandre Kids eggs, you know you are purchasing the best nature has to offer. You will see the deep, rich orange color in the yolk and the firmness in the whites.

Where To Buy Our Eggs
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“Each brown egg, which is nest-laid and hand gathered, is a nutrient dense, whole food package of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins.”

– Blake Alexandre

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Cows were born to roam and graze. Chickens were born to roost, scratch, and scavenge. Hogs were born to root and wallow. These are the natural instinctive behaviors of our animals. Our farm has a commitment to making sure these practices remain a part of the daily behavior of each one of our cows, chickens, and pigs.

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Pastured Eggs

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“As stewards of the land, we want to put healthy nutrients back into the soil we work. We believe that we are enhancing and sustaining the land for future generations. We honor the soil biology of the land, its animals, and the people that eat our products, which results in quality nutrition you can see and taste.”

– Blake Alexandre

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