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Five Generations of Dairy Farming Families

Where the redwoods meet the sea in northern California’s Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, we, Blake and Stephanie Alexandre and our five children have poured our combined generations of dairy know-how into our farms. We are strong proponents of sustainable organic farm practices, nutritional education and environmental stewardship.

We started dairying in 1988 in the arid southern California where Stephanie grew up, but Blake knew he wanted to get back to his beloved pastures in northern California. When the opportunity arose in 1992 to buy an existing operation in Del Norte County, just two hours north of the Alexandre home farm in Ferndale, we seized it. We converted our dairy to organic farming in the late 90’s; taking our love of farming to the next level. When it comes to grazing cows, we are not new to it. We are 4th generation grass farmers on our grazing dairy in Humboldt County. Knowing that organic production was the way of our grandfathers, this was a new/old way to farm.

Today, we operate four grass-based organic dairies with crossbred milk cows on 4,300 acres of irrigated pasture. We grow the majority of our own hay on approximately 2,500 acres of organic cropland in Modoc County.

With five kids growing up across the street from the dairy learning to drive tractors at age six, they quickly learned the way of the land. With acres of pastures for their playground, all of the kids grew up involved in day-to-day activities on the farm – each with different, bright passions for agriculture. We treasure the opportunity for our kids to help run the farms alongside us in the future.

We think it’s a simple truth, the earth’s most delicious, most healthy foods are made when farmers work in harmony with nature; the way God intended.

We care about our kids, cows, critters, the community, the land, the water, and you, our customers.

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Our Core Values - We're here to put the culture back into agriculture. And the culture for us, as organic farmers, is the soil - and paying attention to the soil.
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“The special thing about our farm is green grass and living soil. We have a growing season that lasts twelve months out of the year, which is really unique. Our animals truly are eating more grass than anyone else’s animals in the country and it’s because of our setting here in this environment.”

– Blake Alexandre

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Cows were born to roam and graze. Chickens were born to roost, scratch, and scavenge. Hogs were born to root and wallow. These are the natural instinctive behaviors of our animals. Our farm has a commitment to making sure these practices remain a part of the daily behavior of each one of our cows, chickens, and pigs.

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Dairy Products

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Pastured Eggs

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Grassfed Beef

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Pastured Pork

Dairy Products

Our cows graze on the most lush, green grasses because of our annual rainfall and summer irrigation. This, along with efficient grazing management, allows our cows to produce milk high in CLA, Vitamins E and K, and a high ratio of Omega 6 to 3 fatty acids.

Pastured Eggs

Our hens enjoy a natural farm life roaming in our organic cow pastures to produce the most nutritious organic eggs; each a nutrient dense, whole food package of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Grassfed Beef

We raise our certified organic grassfed cattle on organic pastures where they graze freely without grain. Our year-round lush green organic pastures guarantee you unrivaled flavor, nutrition, marbling and consistency.

Pastured Pork

Our certified organic pigs are a cross between a rare breed of hogs selected hundreds of years ago for their superior taste and texture, Tamworth and Berkshires. They produce the most tender meat that is arguably the best tasting pork on earth.

“He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegetation for the service of man; that he may bring forth food out of the earth.”
Psalm 104:14

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